Tree Maintenance, Removal, & Inspections in Chico, California

Enjoy your property to its fullest with professional tree maintenance, removal, and inspections services from North Valley Tree Service in Chico, California.

Tree Maintenance

Ensure your family's safety with proper tree maintenance. Our restoration and preservation specialists will assess the health and safety of the trees on your property and suggest any corrective action.

Our Tree Maintenance Services include:

Pest & Disease Control
• Thinning & Windsail Reduction
• Safety & Corrective Pruning

• Crown Reductions
• View Enhancement
• Hazardous & Close-Quarters Removal

Tree Removal

Remove fallen or problematic trees from your property with the help of our professional tree removal services. We come equipped to handle any tree situation and offer stump grinding as well, so nothing is left behind. Our tree service recycles or reuses 100% of the green waste accumulated on the job.


Man in Crane, Tree Maintenance, Removal, & Inspections in Chico, CA

Tree Assessment & Inspection

Identify what may be ailing your tree with the help of our certified arborist. We will provide a detailed inspection of your trees to ensure they are healthy, and suggest any necessary treatment. We also have a certified tree-risk assessor on staff to identify any potential hazards.

Our Assessor Performs:

• Storm Safety Audits • Pre-Construction Assessments

• Insurance Appraisals

Landscaping Services

Beautify your outdoor space with seasonally appropriate greenery. We offer planting, landscape design, and landscape maintenance services, including shrub removal.

Contact us today to request a service for your landscaping or tree maintenance, removal, or inspection service.